No Parents - Hey Grandma and The Greatest Hits.

Best LA Band 2015.


The record will contain 1 full length opus (Hey Grandma) on the A-side and 31 SONGS on the B-side, all under 1 minute long. Tune in starting APRIL 4th for 31 videos rolling out in the next 31 days. Subscribe to this playlist so you dont miss a thang. 

Pre-Order 12" and Digital:
Album out May 13, 2016 on Ring The Alarm.



No Parents

Photo by Kelsey Reckling

No Parents are like a John Hughes movie starring the Menendez brothers: a cute comedy loaded with violence and splattered adults. For the layman who reads about punk rock in fashion mags, they're the next FIDLAR — the new torchbearers of skate-punk. Goofy analogies aside, No Parents are jokers with an '80s hard-core edge — when singer Zoe Reign gets naked and sings, "I'm gonna kill my dad/Fuck my mom" while doing a half-serious robot dance, he looks like Baby Huey meets Darby Crash. Released earlier this year, No Parents' debut album, May the Thirst Be With You, offers furiously funny, heavy and danceable pop-punk that's loaded with enough dick jokes to garner comparisons to early Blink-182. Which is why they're LOL-ing their way to the mainstage at festivals. Get used to all the hippie-bashing and Dickies-esque songwriting, because No Parents are ready for primetime.




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