Street Joy - I'll Be Waiting

"I'll Be Waiting"
© Street Joy 2019

It's getting harder to know
If I should have let her go
Doctor, won't you please come tell me
Will I grow?

I was the king to your queen
I could see us going all the way
But there were things I could see being too much, so

I'll be waiting
You'll be hating

Can't get you out of my mind
I compare to you all the time
Darling, won't you be my baby?
Is just a good line

Yes I could see you and me becoming us
But upon the wall
Was just a scribble
I guess it was enough so

I'll be waiting
I've forsaken
You'll be hating on

I've been at sea with my reel
And I feel some nibbles on the line
It can't compete with the feel of your touch so

I'll be waiting
You'll be hating on

by Jason DeMayo




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